Location-based language learning made simple.

What is geoLingual?

geoLingual teaches you a new language with phrases that you use the most in your every day life.
It is the fastest way to pick up a language at a conversational level.

Designed for everyone

Unless you lie on the couch 24/7, then geoLingual will work for you! We teach you new language phrases about the places you frequent the most.

Time saver

Exercises are quick and easy and take 30 seconds to complete. Do as many as you can when your time permits!

Focused learning

Our unique pedagogy guarantees you pick up a language fast. After all, the frequency of things you do determine how important learning that phrase is.


Learn anywhere with our web app for all smartphones and computers. We promise to not suck up your data meter.

Easy to customise

Too easy or difficult? Tune up or down the challenge by changing the vocabulary that you will pick up in your activities.

Make breaks productive

geoLingual is designed to fill in the breaks in your life. Waiting for that cup of coffee at Starbucks? Pick up a phrase or two on ordering your next java in Spanish.

Contact Us

Feel free to get in touch with us if you have any questions or suggestions.

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